The Butterflies Collector, if one metaphorically describes Butterflies as dreams, holds true for me. For dreams make who i am today and the pursuit shapes my future. A thirty turned mother of one & a spouse, i endeavor to strike a balance among household exigencies, work and a tell tale mind.

Why this blog? It started with a cathartic purpose in mind which has transformed into a full blown passion with time. To my surprise i have noticed my thoughts & insights evolving through writing. It is startling to see the evolution in my perception of things over the years. I believe writing is the best way to gauge the evolution.


2 Responses to “Afifa”

  1. naseem hotiana Says:

    good effort

  2. rabia hotiana Says:

    hey Afifa,if that’s what i am supposed to call u now:). its nice to see that someone from amongst us has taken to something so enlightening and unleashing as writing. Just read ur recent post “Mystiques of devine design” and ws deeply moved by what uv written. It’s true that we are puppets in the hands of destiny and its not money but GOOD HEALTH and LOVE that brings prosperity and gaiety to ones life.

    keep it up!

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