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Brings back so many memories. Always makes me tearful.

Why is that americans feel supirior about Hollywood and their movies. Hollywood invariably, is the king of Cinema for decades now. And rightly so, aprat from some run-off-the-mill, some substandardly sexed up  chick flicks and numerous nausiatically gory movies, that everytime make me question the unnecessory killing spree of some lunatics, that they churn out every year, they have some oustandingly brilliant movies on their credit too.

As a saying goes “Money makes the mere go” Hollywood draws some brilliant artists every year and since long. NicoleI kidman had to go to Hollywood to be famous,Antonio Bandaras, Aishwarya Rai(Originally an indian), Salma Hayek, so many britsh actors, europeans, chinesse, jewish you name any nationality. So why did these actors chose to leave their local cinema and grab any substandard Hollywood opportunity that came in their way? Why is it every actor’s dream to be part of a Hollywood film. Because the reward is great in terms of money, fame and future prospects. And i also believe that people in Hollywood have worked hard on not only their movies but also its distribution and availability.

I also believe that a faithful viewer base, people like us, have made Hollywood a big name too. We religiously watch all the latest Hollywood movies by hook or by crook (Pirated versions). Although im sure there are great European, Iranian, Indian movies out there. Why do we do that?? Beacuse American movies are projected with great pomp and show through out the world.

We not only know which movies are playing in american theatres but also which ones are on the way. To top it all, American media leaves no stones unturned to make sure their movies and celebrities remain in limelight throughout the world. The bigger than life images of their artists, ruthelessly and flawlessly projected by American media and their ostentatious life styles draw the viewers towards theatres. Any other cinema will need tremendous resourses to reach that level of achievement.