A while ago I had argued about some people being less fortunate than others. I had insisted that the poorest of the poor and destitute are the most unfortunate of all. This is the stratum of the civil society which stands at the greatest disadvantage and lay exposed to the most misfortunes of life on daily basis, by the hour, by the minute. However today, I retract my words. I resent my myopic vision.

The poorest of the poor is not someone without money; he is the one who is devoid of love & compassion and the one who has lost his love forever and the one who has a life spent in an incurable disease. Today I met a mother who had lost her only child. All her wealth & wherewithal notwithstanding, she seemed worse off than my penniless maid with a polio-stricken & bed ridden child. I resent to have restricted my perception of misfortune to the lack of money. Money, the magical five lettered word, the only powerful catalyst (according to many of us) to achieve a comfortable life and to make dreams come true. I was so wrong!

God has his own incomprehensible & mysterious ways to fend for his people. He has his own cosmic designs for each one of us and no human strategy works in the face of the Divine Design.

That I was born a Muslim was a Divine Design; that I don’t have any chronic disease is a Divine Design; that I am going to live life to the fullest or otherwise is a Divine Design and that I would die on the day I am destined to is a Divine Design. There is nothing much left in my life if I take out all the aforementioned occurrences. My whole life has been predestined for me by the supreme entity. I may set out to put my whole wherewithal at work in the pursuit of a dream, however if the fulfillment of my dream is not chalked out in my fate, all my wherewithal & paraphernalia notwithstanding, it will not come true! Such is the persistent of the Divine Will! We humans are so helpless it makes me wonder where the human endeavor fits in, among such powerful forces as fate & Divine Design.