The man was constantly on phone, rambling about his millions. From his talk, one could sense he must be a pretty busy guy running a pretty important business. I was not eavesdropping out of curiosity, nor must be anybody else sitting in the lobby outside a private business enterprise. We were a bunch of tormented visitors waiting in the lobby for our turns to see the person in charge. Each one of us was patiently putting up with his non sense in our own ways. I was trying to focus on the magazine I had picked up as recourse to avoid the bizarre situation and was increasing curbing the impulse to ask the person to shut up. Literally SHUT UP! On a number of occasions I have encountered this menace of public talk in high pitch, in hospitals, restaurants, schools, even in libraries.

Leave alone the etiquettes; we have the nerve to publicly discuss about private matters such as our financial issues, domestic scuffles and major & minor affairs of life. We seem hell bent to roll our sorry state of lives down the throats of others. But why leave etiquettes? What happened to this increasingly dwindling, and almost non-existent today, set of good old values? What happened to the motto of Live & Let Live? The space we need to breathe has been made to shrink to the point of suffocation. The respect for one’s privacy is ridiculed and denied repeatedly.

We are a bunch of rogues on roads, liars & thugs in private & public enterprises and criminals in hospitals; last but not the least, highly incompetent & mediocre professionals; and oh not to mention, shamelessly cruel while dealing with animals.